Comp Tickets – Sunday Event

MahlerFest XXXI (2018) Instructions
Orchestra Comp Ticket Ordering
Tickets for the Sunday night post-concert Reception

Note: This are relatively new procedures for requesting comp tickets and reserving a spot at the Sunday night post-concert reception. Please read BOTH sectionsClick here to open a PDF version of this page.

Orchestra Comp Tickets

Comp tickets are not available through the Macky Box Office nor Vendini.  They are only available from the Macky Business Office starting on May 8.  As in the previous few years, tickets will not be distributed at the rehearsals.

  1. Each orchestra member is entitled to a total of two comp tickets. Both may be for the Saturday or Sunday performance or one for each performance.  Additional tickets may be purchased at the time that the comp tickets are requested.  This will allow for adjacent seating.
  2. Comp tickets are only available by telephone or in person at the Macky business office (Macky Auditorium East hallway).
  3. To request comp tickets by phone, call the Macky Business Office at 303.492.8440 (PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE BOX OFFICE) For ticketing, Macky Business office hours are from 10am until 3pm Monday – Friday.
  4. If you are ordering via phone, it is preferable that the tickets be emailed to you but, if this not possible, they can be picked up when the box office opens before each performance (usually one hour prior) or at the business office during office hours (this can be slow, depending on how busy they get). EMAILED TICKETS ARE BEST.
  5. You will be required to supply the orchestra member’s name, the number of tickets for each performance and your email address if you want the tickets sent via email. If you are calling on behalf of an orchestra member, you will also have to supply your name.
  6. Tickets can be requested starting on May 8. All tickets must be requested by May 18.
  7. If there is no answer and you decide to leave a message, please supply all of the information in point 5 above plus your phone number. If you require extra tickets, please make this clear, and you will get a return call.

Sunday Night Post-Concert Reception

As a member of our amazing orchestra, you are invited to the wonderful post-concert gala on Sunday night. The reception this year is sponsored by the Daniel W. Dietrich II Foundation.

Each orchestra member is entitled to two tickets. A ticket will be required to gain access to the post-concert reception.  These tickets will be handed out at the rehearsals. There is no charge for each ticket.

If you are over twenty-one and you intend to consume beer, hard cider or wine at the reception, please be sure to bring your driver’s license.  Regardless of your age, you will need to present your license in order to receive a wrist band indicating that you are eligible for alcoholic beverages (this is university policy).