The MahlerFest orchestra's 100-plus musicians come together from across the United States and other countries, mostly on a volunteer basis, for a week of intense music-making, drawn by their passion for Mahler's music.

Maestro Robert Olson, currently Director of Opera and Orchestras at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, has returned to Colorado each year to lead the festival he founded in 1987, with the first orchestra performance taking place on January 17, 1988.  After 28 years, Maestro Olson is retiring as MahlerFest's Artistic Director, following Colorado MahlerFest XXVIII in May, 2015:

"All good things must come to an end, and it is time for me to step down... While standing in front of these passionate and dedicated musicians has been a phenomenal privilege for me, my time has come to step down and end my participation in the MahlerFest on a glorious note in 2015 with the Ninth Symphony, Mahler’s own “farewell” of sorts."

MahlerFest will be presenting its traditional day-long symposium and orchestral concerts, along with other events to commemorate this very special year.  Don't miss the excitement of Colorado MahlerFest XXVIII, including Maestro Olson's "Farewell"!
Colorado MahlerFest celebrates the life, music, and times of the great composer Gustav Mahler during a week-long festival, culminating in two orchestral performances of one of Mahler's major symphonic works. Originally envisioned to encompass a complete sequence of Mahler's symphonic compositions, MahlerFest is now in its third cycle and entering its 28th year, continuing to present all of Mahler's performable works.

Colorado MahlerFest
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MahlerFest XXVIII
May 13th through May 17th, 2015

Symphony No. 9 in D major

Day-long symposium

Two orchestral concerts

Take a moment to listen to excerpts from our recorded archives, with Robert Olson conducting the Colorado MahlerFest Orchestra.  Be sure to sample our 2005 performance of Symphony No. 9, the same work we will be performing in May 2015 during Colorado MahlerFest XXVIII.

Major funding provided by the Dietrich Foundation

Photo by Keith Bobo

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