Mission, Vision, and Values

Colorado MahlerFest’s mission is to celebrate the legacy of composer Gustav Mahler through an annual festival featuring all of Mahler’s musical output as well as contextual cultural and educational events.

Colorado MahlerFest’s vision is to be a recognized leader in performing and interpreting Mahler’s works and to share world-class performance, educational, and cultural events that attract audiences from Colorado and beyond.

Core Values
The Mahler Legacy – We commit to preserving and expanding the legacy of Mahler as a composer by faithfully presenting all of his music while utilizing, promoting, and being an internationally important catalyst for research about his music, life, and world.

Inspirational Musicians – We commit to bringing world-class musicians to the festival to share their artistry and experience.

Aspirational Musicians – We commit to providing an opportunity for musicians of all types and ages to learn about and perform the works of Mahler.

Inclusivity – We commit to building and sustaining an inclusive audience for Mahler’s music by offering all of our programming to the broadest community possible and by engaging with underserved populations.


Approved by the Board on December 15, 2018