Guest Profile – Louise Bloomfield

Louise Bloomfield

Louise Bloomfield, is a longtime devotée of Mahler’s music. After attending Oberlin College she pursued a career in trade and educational reference publishing, in London and then in New York, where her first job was helping to edit The New Grove Dictionary of American Music. Her father, Theodore Bloomfield, conducted Clinton Carpenter’s realization of Mahler’s Tenth Symphony at the 1986 Utrecht Mahler Tenth festival and symposium, and wrote “In Search of Mahler’s Tenth: The Four Performing Versions as Seen by a Conductor” (The Musical Quarterly 74 (1990). A passionate choral singer, Louise was thrilled to participate in the MahlerFest performances of the Eighth Symphony in 2009.

During the MahlerFest XXX Symposium, Louise will be assisting Jerry Bruck, her husband.