Guest Profile – David Auerbach

David Auerbach

David Auerbach is a Colorado MahlerFest board member and former board president. His degree is in Mathematics with a strong minor in music. Until 2009, he worked in the computer and telecommunications industry; most recently developing international standards and architectures for voice over IP. He holds multiple patents in key internet voice technologies.

In high school, David was introduced to classical music by a musician and aspiring composer friend. While working his way through the record section at his local library, he discovered a Bruno Walter recording of the Mahler 2nd. Of all those found in that library, it was with this recording that he most connected. Since then, he has explored and studied all categories of classical music including 20th century music.

While on a two-year work assignment in France, David discovered the on-line world of Mahler and realized that there were many others that shared his passion for the composer. It was through this connection that he learned about the Colorado MahlerFest and began his cherished friendship with Stan Ruttenberg. Upon relocating back to California at the beginning of 2003 he immediately flew out to Boulder for his first MahlerFest (the 6th Symphony). His association with MahlerFest progressed from attendee to volunteer to board member (starting in 2009), David stepped down as board president at the end of the 2018 fiscal year due to a temporary move to Massachusetts.

David is an amateur naturalist and was a docent at Big Basin Redwood State Park in California where he led hikes and taught plant identification, fire ecology and geology.  He continues to enjoy hiking and traveling.