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Colorado MahlerFest’s orchestral concerts have been professionally recorded since 1995 and we are proud to offer excellent digital recordings for purchase. Minimally edited, these are true “You are there!” recordings.

Faithful to the scores, with Mahler’s countless markings and instructions, artistic director emeritus Robert Olson’s readings of these works are remarkable, conveying power, tenderness without sentimentality, and preserving the long line and song-like quality of Mahler’s symphonic style. New artistic director Kenneth Woods continues to respect the music as written by Mahler and is featured in the most recent recordings.

The MahlerFest orchestra is composed of musicians affiliated with approximately 100 orchestras throughout the United States and abroad, including New Zealand, England, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Venezuela, China and Uganda. They come to Boulder once a year for a week of intense music making, powered by a love of playing Mahler’s music. Their fervor and dedication show in the results!

The Complete MahlerFest thumb drive collection and many of our CDs are sold out.

We guarantee the quality of our recordings; if you receive any that have technical problems, please return the defective media for replacement.

Thank you for your purchase; we hope you will enjoy listening to the concerts as much as we enjoyed performing them!