Colorado MahlerFest Masterclass in Conducting

Thursday – May 18 – 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Canyon Theatre – Boulder Public Library

The Colorado MahlerFest would like to thank the Boulder Public Library for their support of the Conducting Masterclass.

As part of MahlerFest XXX, the Colorado MahlerFest Trustees and Artistic Director Kenneth Woods are privileged to announce the second Mahler Conducting Fellowship. Started in 2016 as part of MahlerFest XXIX, the goal of the fellowship is to identify, encourage and support emerging Mahler interpreters of potentially international importance.

The three 2017 Conducting Fellows selected this year will join Maestro Woods and musicians in a public masterclass where the featured repertoire will be the Schoenberg chamber version of Mahler’s Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen.

Chosen from an outstanding pool of applicants from major conservatories and orchestras from around the world, the three fellows will serve as assistant conductors throughout the festival and participate in daily seminars and score study sessions with Maestro Woods, the visiting composer David Matthews, and distinguished Mahler scholars.

The three conducting fellows for 2017 are:

Tal Samuel
Peter Wadl
Dean Whiteside

Details about the three conducting fellows can be found HERE.

MahlerFest 2016 Conducting Fellow Michael Young returns to the festival as the pianist in the workshop and masterclass.

The musicians performing at the master class are:

Alexandra Aguirre – Flute
Daniel Silver – Clarinet
Amy Hearting – Percussion
Laura Moylan – Harmonium
Michael Young – Piano
Annamaria Karacson – Violin 1
Karen Bentley Pollick – Violin 2
Lauren Spalding – Viola
Andrew Brown – Cello
Erik Deines – Bass
Joshua DeVane – Baritone

More details about the Fellowship can be found here.